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Empowering leaders and path breakers for a better tomorrow is our mission at the forefront of the global business awards landscape. As the world’s premier privately-owned business awards organization, we are committed to recognizing and celebrating exemplary leadership, innovation, and impactful contributions across industries worldwide.

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"Driving Sustainable Innovation: Meet Our Visionary Team Members Shaping the Future of Electric Mobility!


Global President - MaaS

B.Tech IIT Kharagpur MBA IIM Calcutta MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) [email protected]

E-Mobility at a Glance


Electric Vehicles have been registered till today

0 +

States have notified or drafted state Electric Vehicle policies


Electric Vehicle manufacturers operate in India


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations have already been installed

0 %

Growth occurred in Electric Vehicle sales from FY17 to FY22

To assist the acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs) in the country, the central government has announced a number of promotional measures in the previous ten years, including tax incentives for electric vehicle owners, public EV charging infrastructure development

About Us

50 Years of Versatile Experience Team

Established in 2019, the Federation of Electric Vehicle Association (FEVA) is India’s First Federation of Electric Vehicle and its non-profit organization with the objective of promoting electric vehicle in India , research, development and deployment of electric vehicles. FEVA is a part of Testing Instruments Indian Chambers of commerce & Industry (tiicci) .

FEVA organizes the Electric Vehicle Seminars (EVS) series and the World Electric Vehicle sumit , seminars , exhibition , award ceremony in all over India FEVA consists of regional organizations – 2 Wheeler Associations , 3 three wheeler Association, 4 Wheeler Association , Battery Manufacturers , other Accessories. FEVA main motive to India Should be independent in Electric Vehicle and dependency of Petrol , diesel of other country should be finished soon.

Are you interested to become a part of India’s electric vehicle community ?

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We Are Best Among All Electric Vehicle Association in india


Electric vehicles, is currently India’s flagship scheme for promoting electric mobility.


The accelerated adoption of electric vehicles is underpinned by significant initiatives undertaken by the public authorities. Such measures, aimed at reducing the price gap between electric vehicles and conventional vehicles, have been implemented across multiple geographies.

Electric Vehicle Special Magazine

Tiicci and FEVA will publish quarterly magazine for Electric Vehicle special edition.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

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There are four types of electric vehicles available:

  • Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV):Fully powered by electricity. These are more efficient compared to hybrid and plug-in hybrids.
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle:
    • Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV): The vehicle uses both the internal combustion (usually petrol) engine and the battery-powered motor powertrain. The petrol engine is used both to drive and charge when the battery is empty. These vehicles are not as efficient as fully electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.
    • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV): Uses both an internal combustion engine and a battery charged from an external socket (they have a plug). This means the vehicle’s battery can be charged with electricity rather than the engine. PHEVs are more efficient than HEVs but less efficient than BEVs.
  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV):Electric energy is produced from chemical energy. For example, a hydrogen FCEV.

System Architecture of 4 types of electric cars is as follows:

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