JSW Group Sparks a $4.82 Billion EV Revolution in Odisha!

“JSW Group, a leading Indian conglomerate, is making a significant mark in the electric vehicle (EV) and battery manufacturing sector with a colossal investment of 400 billion rupees ($4.82 billion) in Odisha. The conglomerate has formalized a partnership with the state government to establish an Integrated EV and Battery Manufacturing Project in two cities. This strategic move comes after JSW Group’s joint venture with China’s SAIC Motor, focusing on promoting green mobility in India. The phased projects in Odisha aim to position JSW Group as a key player in India’s growing EV market, aligning with the government’s ambitious goal of a 30% EV market share by 2023. While Tata Motors currently dominates, JSW’s entry reflects a rising momentum towards sustainable transportation in India. The substantial investment underscores the evolving landscape of India’s automotive industry, driven by policies and incentives encouraging such initiatives. The collaboration signals a collective effort to drive innovation and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles on a broader scale.”