IFevaev Global Clean City event in Dubai


The Global Clean Cities Expo is an international event that envisions a sustainable and clean urban future for cities worldwide. In a world facing significant environmental challenges, the need for clean and eco-friendly urban centres has never been more critical. This concept note outlines the core ideas, objectives, and expected impact of the Global Clean Cities Expo.
World Bank reports in its latest research that the amount of solid waste generated globally will nearly double by the year 2025, which is almost going from 3.5 million tons to 6 million tons — every 24 hours.
The figures are not only alarming but generate a rising need for clean and sustainable cities that manage waste. This further has driven our attention to the extent that almost all big and developing countries have collaborated to deal with the climate issue – which itself is a defining of our time.
To bring a change that was the need of an hour – GCCE 2024 will offer a holistic view of the sustainable and waste management industry wherein participants can access a wide range of exposure and represent their brand on a global scale.
The companies participating can witness cutting-edge technology and solutions and likewise exhibit their best product in the market. A two-day networking and brand-building platform will give them a chance to meet and talk business with the relevant stakeholders – especially the policymakers, the end users and the industry people of their choice.
Additionally, the event will foster a collaborative environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and experiences. By engaging with like-minded professionals, climate action enthusiasts, attendees can find innovative solutions to complex sustainable challenges and stay abreast of developments in the field.

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